What do you do?  At Hairspa & Co, our guests go on a scent journey! Guests will smell all of our scents,choose their favorites, and decide which of our products to make.  Then they will meet our scent specialist at the bar to create their own blend of fragrances, once the oils are the perfect blend for the guests, they will then pour their own candle or make their own room spray, (or any of our other products available!)

Do I need to make an appointment?  NO!  Just walk on in!  Unless you have over 5 people, then check out our Events tab. Walk in based on time availability in store. 

How long does it take? The longest part of the process is going through our scents, we have over 100 delicious scents with changes made every season.  Guests can expect to be at Hairspa & Co for about 30 minutes or less.

When do I get my products? If you make a candle, it will be ready for you 2 hours after pouring.  Our other products are ready immediately!

Can I book a party?  YES!!  Check out the Events tab for more information.

Do you use essential oils?  Our oils are premium fragrance oils, phthalate free.

Can I BYOB or wine?  No.  It is against Indiana law to BYOB or wine, however, we offer a selection of wine options with reservations upon prior request. There is a $50 fee per event plus cost per glass.